Obsessing over: The Bar Method

Y’all, I’ma keep this short, because I woke an hour before Jesus starts handin’ out blessings this morning, and there’s a decent chance I may do it again tomorrow. Why?

T H E  B A R  M E T H O D

Parker and I chatted with a sweet couple at SXSW while we were waiting in line for Coldplay together, and it turns out that they own the Austin location of The Bar Method. They gave me a couple of free class passes, so a few weeks back, Alit and I took a class together. Since we had both done ballet at the same studio in The Woodlands for all over a decade (shoutout to Boni’s!), I thought we’d have some kind of advantage where barre work was concerned.

I was so dreadfully, terribly wrong.

The Bar Method has very little in common with ballet, except for the occasional reference to first or second position for the feet, but even then, their interpretation is loose. It’s much more similar to Pilates, but turned up about 50 notches. No lie, every muscle group in my body has felt like it was en fuego after all eight classes I’ve taken so far. The quad work, specifically, has me wanting to conveniently excuse myself to the restroom every class, but the crazy shakes in my muscles let me know that it’ll be worth it when my gams are sculpted.

Have you ever had experience with The Bar Method or any similar workouts? How long until the burn starts to seem normal?


Lindsay’s favorite pins, week of April 14

Hey-o! Here are some fresh springy pins to get you excited about the on-again-off-again springtime we’re having. Now I’m off to take a walk in 60-degree weather (which is insanely cold for April in Texas). Happy Tuesday!

pins of the week april 14


1. Just beautiful. No real rhyme or reason to why I like this.

2. This geometric mirror looks like an extra-shiny crystal formation.

3. Lime Basil Gin Ice Pops. Yum.

4. Enormous paper flower headpiece? Best believe I’d wear this to brunch.

5. The link beyond Pinterest for these amazing sunglasses is broken, so if you can find these for me, I’ll love you forever.

A (Week) Day in the Life: Molly

Last Thursday, I decided to photograph a typical workday for me- groggy start to spent end.

breakfast-of-champsI got a bit of a late start on Thursday, as anyone who saw what I wore to work that day can tell you. I had to rely on my to-go breakfast of champions- some chocolate Bel Vita and a K cup of HEB’s San Antonio blend.

deskIt would be incredibly hard for me to document my 9-5 work in a way that would interest even my mother, so I’ll keep to the ephemera on my desk that makes me happy. Clockwise from the top left: 1) The Izzy Jarvis Beyoncé patch that used to grace my backpack in college. 2) The Wendy Davis letter I keep meaning to get framed. She officially filed as a candidate for Governor at our office a few months ago the same day Lindsay and I were hosting a brunch. Since I couldn’t come to the office and meet her, I left that note out near her conference room turned dressing room and she not only signed it, but posed with the sign. I try not to be too overtly political, but I would not be sad to see Wendy serve Greg Abbott some Khaleesi realness this November. 3) A small collection of pictures with some weird guy that keeps following me into photobooths.

royal-amyBy 10 o’clock, my first cup of coffee is wearing off and it’s time for a short jaunt with my wonderfully witchy pal, Amy. If you’re in Austin and want a cheap cup of great coffee, go get you a Pecan Roast at Royal Blue.

moroccanchickenWe have an incredible nutritionist/chef at work that keeps us well-fed. Fortunately she made my favorite meal: Moroccan chicken stew with cous cous and pita. It’s hard to photograph food in a way that’s appetizing, so you might need to trust me that this is an insanely delicious meal. And it was cheap as free!


I’m pretty lucky to have a boss and a team at work that see the inherent value of an hour break in the middle of the day. Since we all have a habit of eating lunch at our desks, we schedule another hour in the day to do whatever else we’d like to. I’ve taken to spending an hour reading on the roof lately. It helps me mellow out, get some much needed vitamin D and time away from a computer screen, and also gives me the time to reach my book a week goal. This week I’m reading Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. almost-home

The commute home can be long and ugly and exhausting, but it sure is nice to see Brentwood as I get close to the house.



Craig rolled up to my house at almost the same time I did to meet up with me for a mid-week date to eat some Panera Bread and see Captain America. I realize that this is maybe the single most suburban kind of date we could plan, but keepin’ it weird in this city can get a little tiring. And Craig makes just about everything fun. (And also I’m sorry  but I REALLY liked Captain America. It was fun and there was not an ounce of pretense in that whole thing. It was brain candy.)

After the movie, Craig dropped me off at my house and I began my nightly unwinding ritual with sleepytime tea and more reading.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I realized after spending the day photographing my life and looking for the pretty details in a sea of grey minutiae that I actually have it pretty good. On most days, I can work myself into an anxious lather faster than you can snap your fingers, but when I forced myself throughout the day to pay attention to things that make life good, I realized I didn’t have to look too far to find them.


Ranked: Wes Anderson’s films

You know how knows how to tell a great story? Wes Anderson. We’re proud to say that he is, like us, Beyonce, Arcade Fire, and myriad other fabulous people in this world, a native Houstonian. Take that, Eagleton Dallas.


*This blog has officially become a hatin’-on-Dallas blog. Hope that’s cool with y’all.

Today we are going to each attempt to rank all of Wes Anderson’s 8 full-length films from favorite to least favorite (although all of them are actually amazing, even my bottom few). For some of these, my mood might change tomorrow, but for this very moment, here’s how it falls for me:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

(Still clinging to my #1 spot, though The Grand Budapest Hotel gave it a serious run for its money.)

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

3. Moonrise Kingdom

4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox

5. Rushmore

6. The Darjeeling Limited

7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

8. Bottle Rocket

lindsay wes ranked


This is actually a herculean struggle for me right now because I truly thought nothing would ever be able to replace The Royal Tenenbaums as my favorite movie. We even named our dog after minor character Dudley Heinsbergen. However, Grand Budapest Hotel was everything I wanted in a movie. The set was gorgeous (but when is it not in a Wes Anderson movie?), it was set in a fictional NorthEastern European country in the late ’30s, and it was filthy with handsome middle aged men (Sorry Craig. You were still by far and away the most handsome man in the theater when we saw it together, but balding Jude Law and creepy Adrian Brody weren’t slacking off in their pursuit of the title). Ultimately, I guess Royal Tenenbaums still wins because I just have so much emotionally tied up in that movie. I mean, if a movie can make me temporarily like Gwyneth Paltrow, there just has to be an incomparable quality to it. So here’s my list.

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

1.5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

2. Rushmore

3. Moonrise Kingdom

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox

5. The Darjeeling Limited

6. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

7. Bottle Rocket


What are you favorites? Is there anything you feel we’re dead wrong about? Show yr work.

A Book A Week (Or Something Like That)

When I wrote my overly ambitious list of goals for 2014 this past January, I included “Read 25 books.” I chose the number arbitrarily, thinking it would be a high bar that I’d likely miss, but at least would get me closer to reading as much as my college major implicitly suggests I do. Around February though, I noticed I was killing about a book a week.

Remembering vague business champion blogger Julien Smith’s accomplishment of reading a book a week for three years, I decided I’d up the ante for myself and try the same thing. About a month later, remembering that I’m not Julien Smith (for many reasons- most of the them good), I started falling behind. To remedy this, I called upon a special Sherman Sister skill: fudgin’ it.

It’s week 15 of 2014 and I have read 13 books this year. I’m choosing to fudge it in two ways here:

1) I have not technically read a book every single week this year. I’m currently playing catch-up. I think had I not included this little caveat for myself, I would’ve abandoned the goal altogether. Sometimes fudging it is a necessary lifeline on the way to doing something awesome (or marginally neat, depending on your view of glutinous amounts of reading). I’m projecting that I’ll be completely caught up in two weeks, using my second fudgin’ it tool.

2) Short-ass books. There are two books on my list that would cause anyone who’d seen them to turn and give me some very well-deserved side-eye. One is a less than 40 page book about juggalos that my roommate gave me for Christmas. The other is technically a commencement speech, but it was printed and published so in my eyes it still counts. Those two are the only ones I would consider a bit of a cheat and they are a temporary fix to get me back on track to my big 52.

Now that I’ve cleared the air about cheating on a goal that no one is holding me to, let’s get to the highlights and chunky lowlights so far.

Best books yet:

1) I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman

I’ve valued this man’s weird and salty opinions for about a decade now, so it should be no surprise that I loved his latest book about opinions. His central thesis is that our unofficial definition of a villain is the person who knows the most, but cares the least. He covers everything from O.J. Simpson to the Lewinsky scandal to Joe Paterno to Hitler (begrudgingly albeit). It’s a good read, particularly if you want to feel like the years you’ve spent watching TV weren’t entirely unacademic.

2) The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero

If you haven’t seen The Room yet, open a new tab and figure out the fastest way you can remedy that. Watch The Room. Watch it again with friends. Puzzle over it. And then read this book. You will fall over laughing.

3) The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Y’all know I love a good “You can be a better person, because science or whatever” book for yuppies. And this one hit the spot. It covered the science of how we make habits, how we can break (or rather, replace) them, and how keystone habits have ripple effect. I’ve probably made it sound so dull, but it’s actually really interesting. It also made me look at Target in a way I’m not sure I’m comfortable with.

Least favorites:

1) Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

I know it’s not fair, but I jumped ship on this book halfway through because I was settling into bed with this book juuuust around the time the author explains in grizzly detail how a crazed fundamentalist killed a baby. I can’t hang. I’m out.

2) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I ultimately enjoyed the crazy ride that is the plot of this book, but the writing appeals to the terrible animal in me that wants to go back to high school and cyberbully the author. It was just pretentious while also completely showing the author’s weak hand. It was like I could hear her flipping through a thesaurus as she wrote from the perspective of Nick Dunne and going “Huh! Yeah, that’s how a dude talks.” No one talks like that, girl. Also felt a bit like something Chuck Palahniuk would write as a deadline loomed near. Not my thing. That being said, of course I’ll be seeing that movie when it comes out.

FUDGIN’ IT: the gym

Welcome to our new series, FUDGIN’ IT, where we make hard things easy by phoning it in!

Today: the gym.

We love a good cycling class, with the dim lighting, the guilty-pleasure music, and our favorite smart-aleck instructor Thomas. Turned loose in the gym without someone yelling instructions at us, though? Not ideal.

Since cycling wasn’t in the cards for Molly’s work schedule today, we went to the gym for exactly 23 minutes this evening: just long enough to do about 15 minutes on a stationary bike and 100 kettlebell swings before we walked out patting ourselves on the back and swearing we’d DOLPHINITELY feel it tomorrow.

Way to go, Molly! We did an awesome job fudgin’ it this evening!

April Mix

It’s rainy! It’s humid! Brunch has been moved indoors! It’s terrible! April is here and is really gumming up the works on the way to Lindsay’s and my birthdays. Might as well enjoy some good tunes in the mean time.
Photo Apr 07, 11 30 13 AM(Click through for Spudify)

Lindsay’s favorite pins, week of March 31- April 4

This has been quite a week, and I have to say that I’m not exactly sad to see it go. I’m ready for a nice peaceful weekend with our dear friend Hannah. The plans include dinner at the newly-reopened G’Raj Mahal (can’t wait to see their new space!), a farewell-to-Jenny’s-apartment brunch, and lots of good talks with one of the best conversationalists I know.

One thing has been a bright spot this week (as usual), and that’s Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorite gems this week.

favorite pins mar31 Continue reading

A love letter

Dear Serge Oxford, A4867_EC4189

When I first beheld your silvery goodness on the shelf at Madewell this Sunday, I couldn’t begin to understand the love that I would develop for you. A silver oxford? Not a necessary item in my life, surely.

But oh, how foolish I was!

When I slipped your laceless beauty onto my foot and beheld how special you were, I was gobsmacked. Your casual silhouette with your dressy leather treatment, the way that your silver was just scuffed up enough to be neither too rustic nor to shiny, the possibilities of what we could wear together (my overalls, black skinnies with an oversized chambray, any sundress in my closet)… I fell quickly, and I fell hard.

But alas, my lovelies, you’re $198. A bit more than I’d like to spend. I’ll wait patiently in the hopes that your price will drop, but in the event that you sell out before that time comes, then we will regretfully prove to be star-crossed.

In the hopes of a speedy reunion, I bid you farewell.



What we wore: Saturday

(…or, “My Most Controversial Outfit Choice”)

2014-03-22 16.47.36


Lindsay: shirt, Gap (old)  // overalls, Free People // wedges, Toms // clutch, Marc Jacobs

{ Every time I wear these overalls, they draw some kind of reaction. Mostly positive (I think people have a pretty happy memory of the last time they wore overalls), but I do have a few friends who are honestly not into them. Fine by me- I’m pleased as punch with them. }

2014-03-22 16.48.24

Molly: dress, Urban Outfitters (old) // cardigan, Urban Outfitters (old) // purse, Marc Jacobs // shoes, Clarks // sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Saturday, we went to brunch at Gloria’s for our dear friend Fiona’s 29th birthday. Omelettes, tropical salads, queso, and pomegranate mimosas all around. Mmm.

That night, Parker and I joined Molly and Craig for a little homemade deliciousness at Molly’s house, and then we joined a kiki-in-progress at Adam and Andrew’s place next door. It’s so fun having all of them live so close.

Already ready for next Saturday, and another chance to wear my beloved denim jumper.